This report is the product of months of hard work by phenomenal Syrian women organisations who face devastating threats and challenges every day with the aim of bringing justice to Syrian women and men, providing them with much needed services, and carrying their voices to the international fora hoping for a change in the realities that was imposed on them by suppression, militarization and dysfunction of the international system. It was completed in collaboration with the Crisis Response and Human Rights programmes at WILPF, and with the support of The Kvinna till Kvinna Foundation.

Download the report (English Version, Arabic Version).

Violence once again is escalating in Syria after the failure of the ceasefire that was brokered in February 2016, and the international community fails to protect the Syrian women and men from mass atrocities. WILPF therefore believes that addressing the root causes of conflict from a gender perspective has never been more needed and crucial to achieving transformative change and sustainable peace.

With this aim in mind, we have worked with Syrian grassroots women organisations to collect data, develop drafting skills, improve gender analysis and produce a report that highlights the crimes committed against Syrian women and the disproportionate impact of the armed conflict on them.

We believe that this analysis, done by the Syrian experts (listed below) who have the first hand experience on the ground and carry the voices, hopes and concerns of Syrian women is an essential tool for policy makers, international organisations, and parties involved in the peace building process to understand the harsh experiences of women throughout the conflict and reflect their needs and aims in humanitarian polices and political strategies.

This report is part of a long-term commitment by WILPF to the Syrian cause and to the work of our Syrian partners, we hope it serves as a step towards bringing their voices to the UPR process, to decision makers and to people around the world.

With this aim in mind, a delegation from the drafting organisations will come to Geneva to participate in a roundtable meeting with member states, a side-event at the 32nd session of the Human Rights Council, and a public event at the Maison de la Paix in collaboration with the Geneva Centre for Security Policy.

    • Badael Foundation
    • BIHAR Relief Organization
    • Center for Civil Society and Democracy (CCSD)
    • Dawlaty
    • Musawa – Women’s Study Center
    • Syrian Female Journalists Network
    • Syrian League for Citizenship
    • Urnammu
    • Women Now for Development
    • Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom

Download the report (English Version, Arabic Version).