This manual contains a conceptual part that reviews the main concepts related to essence and importance of documentation from a feminist perspective, and the main definitions related to based-gender violence and sexual violence against women in the States of the region in accordance with international standards. It also includes a practical part of the most important executive actions of monitoring and documentation process beginning with collecting, preserving and analysing data, which contains interviewing and how to deal with survivors and trauma, and ending with using of monitoring and documentation results in the local and international advocacy.

This manual is published by Nazrah Foundation for Feminist Studies. It is an outcome of a joint cooperation, an experience exchange and a knowledge production between many organizations and stakeholders at the regional and international levels.

Download the manual using this link.

Awareness Center for Human Rights – Jordan

Bahrain Women Union – Bahrain

Urnammu Justice and Human Rights Foundation – Syria

Protection Association – Saudi Arabia

SEMA’s Center for training and protection of women’s and children’s rights – Sudan

Iraqi Paradise Association – Iraq

Leader Women Institute – Iraq

PFPPA Palestinian Family Planning and Protection Association – Palestine

Lebanese Women’s Democratic Gathering  -Lebanon

Unrestricted Jurists – Libya

Defenders Network for Women’s Rights – Libya

Association Moroccan for combating violence against women- Morocco

ToBe Foundation of Rights and Freedoms – Yemen