Urnammu The Organization

Urnammu is a non governmental nonprofit organization (NGO), which have been established by a group of people who are defending the human rights and their goal is to build up the human rights rules and the lordship of law, by giving hand to those who their rights have been violated, and considering that is have been already mentioned in all of the agreements and the international bonds and in the local laws, which will be by documenting and collecting the required information in order to apply international advocacy program and to keep on the prosecution for all of the violators.

Our vision:
All of the citizens in Syria have the declared human rights, which is mentioned in the international bond for the human rights and all of the treaties, with the international confessor agreements.

Our mission:
To led the organization to become a real partner in re-building the memory and achieving justice.

Our Values:
Transparency, neutrality and the containment of the human rights and to make sure they are undivided.

Our goals:

  1. Fight the violence which is basically built on the gender and to strengthen the gender balance.
  2. Fight the phenomenon of the enforced disappearance and the arbitrary arresting and to break up torture.
  3. Support achieving justice against the perpetrators.
  4. Depend on documenting as a foundation for all of the projects and programs.

Finally: increase the level of awareness about the human rights and the international humanitarian law, in order to travel with the human rights culture and publish it around the world.