With the absence of a prospect to a solution , The suffering of Syrians continues on across the country, particularly civilians, In a climate of impunity the country turned  to the arena of conflicts going more brutal and monstrous day after day.
Tens of thousands of detainees are in prisons of the Syrian government in cruel and inhuman conditions of detention that  lacks the minimum standards that preserve their humanity , so after five years people are either Hidden forcibly(enforced disappearance), detained, missing or dead as a result of torture, hunger or illness.
And others Absent in prisons supervised by factions opposed to the government or  radical factions, such as the organization of the Islamic state (ISIS) and they are all just numbers with the  the negotiator’s  regulation.
The Syrian government and the organization of the Islamic State (ISIS) are using detainees specifically women under different names and purposes, Whether for sex or providing  financial revenues.
And while (ISIS) is selling women and Yazidi females in Raqa or Aleppo in human trading markets (as sex slaves) under the name of captives (sabaya)  The Syrian government takes large sums of money (bribe) as a price for the freedom of women detainees via powerful members of its  various institutions Governmental agencies, the bribe is in exchange for just a piece of information about the place or the forcibly disappeared person’s  situation and not actually their  release and  the family can’t validate the information most of the time.
Last year has seen a dangerous development after the commencement of swapping women detainees at the government’s with weapons of the opposition factions that they are fighting, or to restore something they have lost in some of the battles!
And with this crisis entering its sixth year , and turning to a civil war ,the National wound seems deeper and broader , the social situation more fragmented as civilians are a commodity for abduction and bartering .
The blockade became a tatic of warfare, and a town or city is being isolated because of their position or political view or its people’s doctrine or nationalism , its inhabitants are then exposed to hunger and deprivation imposed by the siege and accompanied with acts of violence, extortion, fear, opportunism and the confiscation of opinion done by security forces and other armed factions.
The complexities of the Syrian scene is growing as a result of the so-called war economy, bringing to the scene poor people who rely on the crisis continuing not ending ,as it helps them  in their pension. Thousands of young people, both in areas controlled by government forces or controlled by the (ISIS) are facing two choices, either engaging  in war with whoever controls the area thus living from the money they earn as fighters or to becoming  refugees abroad in the hope of reaching countries that they can survive and earn money, in the (ISIS) in some areas is also evacuating  families out of their homes either under the pretext that the house is owned by a relative of theirs wanted by the regulation or because the person wanted is the head of the family himself, What contributes to the further displacement and the tendency to even greater migration. This raises an urgent need to create an economic dimension to any political process, the international community seeks taking  to end this holocaust.‎