Syrian Women Refugees in Lebanon: Houses without Walls

Implemented by: URNAMMU for Justice and Human Rights

Funded by: Euromed Feminist Initiative, IFE-EFI – France

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The report on domestic violence against Syrian women refugees in Lebanon is part of the Urnammu Organization for Justice and Human Rights project: “Strengthening and supporting women victims of gender-based violence in refugee camps outside Syria.” The report reviews various forms of domestic violence, including psychological and moral violence, physical violence, economic violence, sexual violence and verbal violence.

The report reviews these forms based on quotations and information derived from direct interviews conducted by the research team with Syrian refugees from different cultural, social and age backgrounds, from various Syrian governorates who are distributed with their families in various camps in Lebanon.

The report analyzes the factors affecting the forms of this violence, on more than one level, which are committed within the Syrian refugee family spectrum in Lebanon

The report concludes with several recommendations addressed to those working in this field, and to those who are supposed to protect Syrian women refugees in Lebanon from various forms of domestic violence: the Lebanese State, the Syrian State, international organizations and Lebanese civil society.

The most important conclusion is the need to develop standards of obligations by the Lebanese and Syrian states to eliminate gender-based violence directed against all women and girls, especially Syrian refugees. Above all, the problem of domestic violence against women refugees must be addressed in a comprehensive method because it is a widespread phenomenon, and is not limited to individual cases.