Urnammu for Justice and Human Rights published its report entitled “Forgotten Children”. The report reviews the grave violations against children, who were detained or still in the detention centers controlled by Syrian regime forces, pro-government militias, armed opposition groups or extremist groups.

The 50-page report reviews a series of actions taken against children that each action is a violation of children’s rights starting from detention, forced disappearance, extraction of confessions through torture, coercion, intimidation, physical and moral violence and not ending with being subjected to exceptional courts.

The report brings to the light statistics about children who were killed in detention centers, number of children behind bars including those who were born inside these centers and even the number of those who reached the age of majority during their detention period. The figures in this report are only what Urnammu managed to reach, analyze and document up until this moment.

The report also addresses some pretexts of detaining children in Syria. It also evaluates the impact of arbitrary detention and enforced disappearance on children according to their age, and highlights the unjust impact of child detention on the women in their families.

In the end, the report provides recommendations to the different Syria warring parties, the UN bodies and the Security Council to ensure that the children of this conflict receive basic protection against all violations and to build consensus on how to provide them with opportunities for a decent future.

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