Mrs. Najah D. was transferred to the hospital after her having trouble breathing and her health deteriorating There is a state of panic among the detainees of Adra prison, due to her wing being isolated and the imposition of wearing masks on everyone Which confirmed that she had Corona She is 66 years old and had had a stroke in prison while being detained for the past 6 years on charges of killing an officer who killed her son without a verdict against her.
In addition to the spread of Corona in Adra Prison, there is a state of extreme tension and anger due to the First Lieutenant “Nazir Mustafa” and his soldiers’s assault on two Swedish sisters who are detained with their children causing them both to bleed and one to have a swelling in the eye o and then isolating them alone to prevent them from contacting their families and communicating with the Swedish embassy.
URNAMMU documented more than 178 cases of women over the age of 50 were detained in the custody of the Syrian government.