Three Years after Their Disappearance: Where Is Razan, Wael, Samira and Nazim?!

On December 9, 2013, a group of gunmen stormed the offices of the Violations Documentation Center in Syria in Douma, Damascus countryside and abducted Razan Zaitouneh and three other activists: Samira Khalil, Nazim Hamada and Wael Hamada. Their whereabouts is still unknown, which exacerbated concerns about their health and safety. Razan Zaitouneh is one of

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Save Syria’s Doctors

A hospital in Aleppo is the most dangerous place in the world. Dr. Salem, who is currently in besieged east Aleppo City, pleas in a statement released a few days ago: “I am required to stay safe in the most dangerous city in the world. They tell me to ‘take care’, as if I am

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A Solidarity and Condolence Statement

Tens of people were killed due to Turkish airstrikes on Jarablos City! On Sunday August 28, 2016, Turkish air-fighters launched of intensified airstrikes targeting the Syrian Democratic Forces’ (SDF) bases in Jarablos Southern countryside. These airstrikes killed /24/ civilians in Mogr-Sraysat village, including a /5/ member family that consists of /3/ children and their parents,

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